Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pontian Express - Dinner Sketch in West Mall (Singapore)

Today I decided to sketch what is in front of me - two ladies having dinner and coffee overlooking the interior of the mall.  Sketch location: Pontian Express in West Mall, Level 2 (Singapore)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sushi Express - Cheapest Sushi in Town

Sushi Express @ Citylink Mall, City Hall (Singapore)

Probably the cheapest Sushi in Singapore. Very fresh too. S$1.50 per plate.

Sat on a bench and sketched on the iPad while waiting for my wife to arrive.

Basketball LOVERS

Dedicated to all basketball lovers out there.

School Sketch - Canteen in Bukit Batok Secondary School

My School Canteen @ Bukit Batok Secondary School this morning.
Drew this right after my breakfast in the canteen and just about when the students start to queue during their recess time at 9am.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Landscape Illustration- Imaginary

An Imaginary Landscape Scenery

Landscape - Marina Bay Sands (Singapore) - Illustration

View of the Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

Photo probably taken off the Helix Bridge. 
Reproduced and sketched using the iPad.

Vincent Van Gogh - Self-Protrait with Felt Hat (19th Century)

Vincent Van Gogh - Painting of himself with Felt Hat

Copied this off the internet on the iPad.

Students at Work - In the Classroom

Singapore_BBSS_Bukit Batok Secondary School
I had my students doing their reflections in the classroom this morning.

Food Illustrations - September 2012

Smily EGGS! Sunny Side Up Breakfast - Cannot go wrong with Eggs.

Sushi! Salmon Sushi - My all-time favorite food.

Table Flower Arrangements - Wild Honey (Singapore)

All-Day Breakfast_Scotts_Singapore
Table Flower Arrangement

Dinner at Wild Honey - and All-Day Breakfast Restaurant in Scotts (Singapore)

London Paralympic 2012


High Jump - Bronze Medallist - Mukasz Mamzarz @ London Paralympics 2012


Butterfly - Bronze Medallist - Achmat Hassiem @ London Paralympics 2012

Landscape - Boat Quay (Singapore)

Boat Quay (Singapore)
Sketched this on my iPad using Paper FiftyThree while waiting for my wife.

Garden Butterfly Illustration

Butterfly flying in the Garden - Illustration

Garden Snail & Scarecrow Illustration

Giant Snail in Field Looking at Tiny Scarecrow Illustration

Student at Work Illustration

BBSS, Bukit Batok Secondary School, Student
Student at work Illustration - Bukit Batok Secondary School

Girl and the Moon Interpretation_Illustration

The Girl and the Moon
Using a magnet to attract the moon and posing for the camera

The Girl and the Moon 
Gazing at the moon through the window


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