Thursday, November 19, 2009

Johnny Depp - People's Magazine's The Sexiest Man Alive 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

CDANS Swimming Pool View Sketch 2009

Mechanical pencil sketch. CDANS pool view from the cafe while waiting for our secondary one students to complete their swimming carnival to mark the end of their swimming enrichment course.

Sketched with a Pentel GRAPH600 2B 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pen Sketch - Mousy

I found this sketch that was done very long time ago.
The mouse is a toy for cats. You pull a string attached at the back. And as it retracts, the internal spring loaded off-centred CAM rotates, and the mouse dashes forward with a series of mini jumps on the ground.
It was sitting on my table when I decided to pen it on paper. I was glad I kept my drawings.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Taking Test

Student taking test.

Kitty Sketch

Did a kitty sketch during free time. A form of relaxation after long months of coursework consultation with students almost every afternoons... The sketch showed kitty in a 'worried' state.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Meeting Sketches - Opps another one...

Its been a long time since we had our staff meeting due to H1N1... and a pretty long meeting. =)

So I have meeting Sketches again... can't help it...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Students Doing Their Work

A typical neighbourhood school classroom environment in Singpaore.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ernie and Rubber Duckie

Ernie and Duckie (2009)

Another student request. This time for Ernie and Duckie. I asked "Is it for you?" The reply, "No, for my younger brother who loves Ernie and Duckie".

So I sketched it during my next available rest time.


ELMO (2009)
A student requested for Elmo.
Searched the internet for a reference and sketched with a 2B pencil.

Car Toys

Car Toys (2009)

People who drives often warm their car up for a couple of minutes before they drive off. I did that too. Only to begin thinking what do I do while waiting for the car to warm up?
The sketch above was done over a few days. A few strokes per day depending on how much time I decide to warm up my car. I did not apportion space for the metal toy behind and decided to add it in after the lamb was completed. That is why Mr. Metal was like 'cut-off'. Sorry Mr. Metal...

Street Walkers

Street Walkers (2008)

Another fictional cartoon sketch done straight from a pen. This sketch was for no reason. It started off with a few lines. and gradually it developed with people, buildings, roads, street lamps, and birds hanging around.

Hence the title 'Street Walkers'.

You could guess by now how I entertain myself when I am pretty free. Pity my pen and pencil. They hardly get some rest...

Army Daze

Army Daze (Year definately before 2000)
I cannot recall exactly which year I drew this. It could be during my polytechnic days...

But what I could remember was this: I did not intend to draw a daze looking soldier. I had a pen with me and a piece of paper staring at me. So i drew a curve. It looked like a shell. Then I complete the shell and it looked like a helmet to me. Then I added in the face, which in turn suggests to me now it looked like a soldier. And the rest is history.

There are some inaccuracies in the sketch. For example, the rifle and the spear don't look right. That is because the spear initially wasn't a spear. There was a line drawn which I didn't know why it was there and so I converted it (or rather camouflaged it) into a spear. =) And also army boys cannot have long hair. Hehe...

Candid Sketches - Old Lady Complaining

Old Lady Complaining in West Mall Foodcourt (2008)

It was a fine afternoon and I was seated comfortably in a food court enjoying my bowl of Korean Kim Chi noodle. Then I was interrupted by two ladies who sat on the next table. Apparently the elderly aunt was complaining to her younger friend about his son and everything under the sun, soon that interruption became an opportunity.

An opportunity to draw. She looked kind of fun to draw. Soon her expression was shouting 'draw me, draw me'. And so... I captured her, and her friend, and the contextual background.

This time I only have a Pilot G-2 pen with me and of course my faithful little drawing pad.

Candid Sketches on My Students

Students Shooting in HTNS (2008)

I was in charge of the Shooting Club in my former school. Occasionally we would need to accompany them to HTNS Air Rifle Club for training. It can be pretty taxing just sitting there. And there must be something more fun that I can choose to do.
And that fun thing is to draw. =) So while my students took turns to train, they became by sketching model. An interesting perspective drawing from the back.

Workshop Participants Sketches

Candid Sketches (2008)

Sometimes a workshop can be so boring I'll have to keep my pencil alive in order that I stay awake. Good thing I sat right at the back, got my faithful all-the-time-by-my-side little sketch pad and my mechanical pencil, and got into 'real' work.
Hmmm... ya they all looked pretty bored... ohhh ya that was how you looked like mate...

Girl & Cat

Girl and Smiling Cat (2001)

Another Uni days sketch back in early 2001. While passing by a magazine stall, I saw some very nice photo postcards on display. One particular postcard caught my attention. And I bought it knowing that one day it would be of use.

True enough I copied and sketched the postcard in pencil on a piece of A4 photocopy paper. Pretty neat but I think I spent a few days to complete that.

In memory of BUDGIE

Budgie (1991)

During my secondary school days, a couple of good friends decided to give me a surprise for my birthday. They showed up outside my flat with a cage and three budgies!!! The budgie above is my favourite and the last one to die of old age. Those days were fun when they freely flew around in the room. The most memorable was when I was there watching him about 3am in the morning when he took his last breathed.

In memory of my favourite budgie.


FURBY (2001)

Bought Furby in Sydney in 2000 during my second last year in Uni. Studying had been pretty stressful then and that was why I've decided to sketch Furby. Furby had been a great companion to me thought the language he spoke then were uncomprehensible.


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