Wednesday, July 4, 2012

5-Point Perspective : Office View

Glass Ball City : Office View

Decided to take my experiment on 5-point perspective TWO steps further.
1) I've added the background that was projected into the glass ball. Not very accurate but the effect is somewhat there. To compensate for lack of color, I blurred the background using photoshop to create a depth of field effect.
2) I drew it in 3D Perspective 'Isometric'. I know something is not right in my drawing. Haven't figured out what's not right... maybe someone can tell me.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5-Point Perspective : Street View & City Top

Five-Point Perspective 1 : Pen Sketch

Five-Point Perspective 1 : Colored on iPad 1 via Sketchbook Pro

Five-Point Perspective 2 - Street View (Pen Sketch)

Five-Point Perspective 2 - Street View (Colored on iPad 1 via Sketchbook Pro)
Five-Point Perspective 3 : City Top (Pen Sketch)

Monday, July 2, 2012

5-Point Perspective - An imaginary city front

I used to look at fish-eye sketches and wonder how can those ever be drawn. I always thought they were very difficult drawings to do. But when I first came across a tutorial about 5-Point Perspective Drawing from the deviantART website, I realized it isn't difficult at all! In fact once you understand the principle behind the lines, creating one is just limited by one's ability to imagine.
First 5-Point Perspective attempt. Drew an imaginary city front.

Decided to color it eventually. Completed on my iPad with Sketchbook Pro.


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