Thursday, September 15, 2011

Breakfast + Coffee Sketch + Singapore-style Coffee Order Guide

Breakfast in school this morning.
Having a little more time than usual for this morning I thought of coffee sketch.

Guide to ordering common Singaporean-styled coffee

The 'O' series
Kopi = Coffee + condensed (sweetened) milk
Kopi-O = Coffee - condensed (sweetened) milk + sugar
Kopi-O-Ko song = Coffee - condensed (sweetened) milk - sugar

The 'C' series
Kopi-C = Coffee + evaporated milk + sugar
Kopi-C-Ko song = Coffee + evaporated milk - sugar
Kopi-C-Siew-Dai = Coffee + evaporated milk + less sugar
Kopi-C-Kah-Dai = Coffee + more evaporated milk + sugar

The 'ice' series
Any descriptions above (or below) + 'peng'

The 'others + troublesome' series
Kopi-Di-Loh = 'Thick' Coffee - dilution with water + condensed (sweetened) milk
Kopi-C-Di-Loh = 'Thick' Coffee - dilution with water + evaporated milk
Kopi-Gau = Strong coffee
Kopi-Poh = Weak coffee

The 'cannot remember' series
Simple describe what you want in plain simple English.
e.g. Hi, Can I have coffee with condensed milk'.

The 'tea' series
Simple. Replace 'Kopi' with 'Teh'. 

~ Enjoy! ~

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