Monday, July 2, 2012

5-Point Perspective - An imaginary city front

I used to look at fish-eye sketches and wonder how can those ever be drawn. I always thought they were very difficult drawings to do. But when I first came across a tutorial about 5-Point Perspective Drawing from the deviantART website, I realized it isn't difficult at all! In fact once you understand the principle behind the lines, creating one is just limited by one's ability to imagine.
First 5-Point Perspective attempt. Drew an imaginary city front.

Decided to color it eventually. Completed on my iPad with Sketchbook Pro.


  1. this is a really cool drawing. I'm doing perspective art at school and this has given me some inspiration Keep drawing

  2. I am very glad you found this helpful! All the best in the Art School and your pursue in the arts.



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