Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Perfect Sketchbook for Travel Artists & Art Enthusiasts

Please give your support to my friend on his Kickstarter project on the most awesome sketchbook ever produced, ‘The Perfect Sketchbook’. ErwinCherng Zhi Lian is a selfless individual and a passionate prolific artist, always on the look out for the ultimate sketchbook, but found none. So he decided to build one and in his own words,
“My passion has led me to try out numerous sketchbooks and I have tried using everything available in the market. With the need to perfect my watercolor sketches, I began to search for that perfect sketchbook. One that should be hardbound, compact, binds well, opens flat, and filled with 100% cotton paper (makes it strong but pliable). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find such a sketchbook out there… so, I decided to make one.”
He’ll need all your support to back the project up so that this dream can be fulfilled and many others would be able to experience the ‘Perfect Sketchbook’ - including yourself.
Click on the link to read more about this and find out for yourself what makes this sketchbook the ultimate one.
p/s Fellow artists, friends and followers please spread the news. Thank you on behalf of my friend/artist Erwin Lian.

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